1. Did you know that the president picks two Turkeys on Thanksgiving to live

and those two Turkey live until the president lets the Turkey go and

picks two more Turkeys on Thanksgiving next year?🦃 🦃  

2.Did you know that people around the whole world eat about 36 million Turkeys? They get their heads cut off and get thrown into a boiling hot tub and get dried in a oven and get stuffed with stuffing.♨️

3.  Did you know that Thanksgiving was not a holiday until 200 years until Abraham Lincoln in 1863? He made Thanksgiving a Holiday.

Solid/ Liquids/ Gas: matter

A solid is a thing that has a lot of molecules connecting that are close together that make thing hard or soft that sometimes break a lot of times and










A liquid is a bunch of molecules connecting that are close together and make stuff

soft like








A gas is a lot of molecules that connecting and can be smelly and you can not see only with a really  big microscope.


All About Gabe

Hi world! I am a 4th grader and I have 4 brothers. I am 10 years old and I love geese and dirt bikes. I live in MI and I love hanging out with my dad. I also love dogs and pizza. And I love my dad and mom!!!!!!!